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Non Slip Sealer for Limestone Wagga Wagga

When preparing to seal your limestone, particularly in in an area that will potentially be getting wet, for example in your kitchen, outdoors, around your swimming pool or other wet areas, it is vital to ensure that you choose a product that does not reduce the stones slip resistance.

If you are choosing a sealer for your limestone and slip resistance is important, choose a penetrating sealer.

Sealing with topical sealers, also known as film forming sealers is not suitable for potential wet areas. Topical film forming sealers leave a coating that can become dangerously slippery when wet.

A sealer should not adversely affect the limestone's slip resistance. If used per the directions, penetrating-type sealers are designed to penetrate the stone substrate, with any remaining sealer residue wiped off the stone surface. The net result should be no change to the surface coefficient of friction.

Apart from the obvious danger with topical sealers, they also do not last as long as penetrating sealers, they alter the look of the natural stone and do not allow your limestone to breathe, trapping vapour that erodes limestone.

Matt White Limestone Floor Tile

A deep penetrating sealer won't affect the slip resistance of your surfaces

forms a bond to your limestone that is stronger than any mechanical or hydrogen bonding of conventional film forming sealers, while not altering the slip resistance or texture of the surface.

is a premium penetrating sealer that you can use both for interior and exterior limestone tiles. This product penetrates deep in the stone, creating an invisible barrier against water and oil based stains. At the same time, it allows any built up vapour to escape. is well known because of its special molecular structure, which makes this sealer more resistant than other similar products.

How can I get my limestone sealed?

Choose an experienced company with specialised equipment and expertise to correctly seal and maintain your limestone once installed.

It is also important to keep your sealed limestone clean, wipe up spills quickly and clean periodically.

Professional cleaning will not only remove surface dirt but draws out dirt deep embedded within the pores of limestone.

Get in contact with a professional stone floor maintenance company with the equipment and knowledge to ensure you're valuable surfaces look just how you want them.

Limestone White Floor Tile

Tile Cleaners Australia and StoneMaster are members of the network of independent Accredited Applicators who have been fully trained in the proper application of limestone care products, offering a full service by thoroughly cleaning the limestone area to be treated, product application and providing after sales care.

  • Tile Cleaners Australia is Australia's leading tile care provider for all tile & grout cleaning, tile sealing, tile stripping & sealing, tile regrouting, grout colour sealing, and minor tile repairs. If you require any limestone cleaning, sealing, restoration or have any questions regarding your limestone their friendly customer service are very helpful.
  • StoneMaster provide a diagnostic approach to each unique situation, including a full analysis, selection of the best-required method of restoration and follow up maintenance procedures always ensuring outstanding results.

Ensuring your limestone is thoroughly cleaned before sealing is important as you may seal in old stains or dust and debris embedded in the stone, resulting in the sealer needing to be stripped and resealed.

Applying a sealer that is not suitable, or of sufficient quality will result in limestone surfaces you aren't completely satisfied with.

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