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Breathable Limestone Sealer Wagga Wagga

Porous, natural stone needs to be allowed to breathe. Seal your limestone with a fully breathable penetrating sealer.

All stone must be allowed to release vapour. In other words, must breathe. If the pores of limestone are totally blocked, vapour will condense within the stone, and the stone will become saturated with moisture which can lead to numerous problems.

Moisture can also carry soluble salts which are often deposited on the surface of the stone (efflorescence). If the salts are not allowed to escape to the surface, they will be deposited in the pores of the stone causing deterioration.

Stone has an internal structure that is not totally solid. There are two physical properties found in limestone: pores and capillary structures that are interconnected. The structure, size and orientation of these networks affect the degree which moisture can migrate by capillary action through the stone.

 Wagga Wagga  Limestone Penetrating Impregnating Sealers

Moisture migrating through natural stone is called "moisture vapour transmission"

For example: Moisture present in the ground can be wicked or drawn up into the limestone by capillary action. The porosity of the stone- that is the amount of voids in the stone and its permeability – a network of pores, move the moisture vapours like a sponge through the stone. The vapour is then released into the atmosphere.

If natural vapour transmission is not allowed to take place the moisture gets trapped and can cause chemical and mineralogical changes within the stone. This action of decay in natural stone may take the form of pitting, spalling, flaking and oxidation.

Using a topical coating or polymer on your natural stone will essentially cause the problems of blocking the necessary vapour transmission process your stone needs, so when it's time to restore your natural stone surface, think twice about the quick fix alternatives of just coating the surface.

A natural stone restoration expert will be able to assess and recommend the correct procedure to keep your natural stone healthy and happy.

 Wagga Wagga brown limestone sealed floor

Sedimentary stone such as limestone consists mostly of fossilised material found in ancient sea, lake and river beds. Pores develop as a result of compaction of various minerals, organic material secondary older stone from the area and sediment. Due to the process an unlimited variety of pore sizes and shapes are prevalent in sedimentary stone.

Unsealed limestone surfaces are highly porous and susceptible to permanent staining from everyday spills. Sealing is very important if you want to protect your limestone against unwanted staining and deterioration. If you have a limestone tiled floor, you will know that it absorbs liquids very quickly.

The primary function of a stone sealer is to provide stain resistance to a porous stone. Red wine, oil and grease in particular can result in damage that may be impossible to remove without the use of heavy resurfacing machinery. Although sealing limestone won't completely stop liquids from absorbing into it, it will give you more time to wipe spills away.

Cleaning and maintenance of limestone flooring can also be more difficult when left unsealed as surface contaminants will quickly absorb into the porous limestone structure making them difficult to remove.

It is strongly recommended to apply a deep impregnating sealer to limestone floors that provide long lasting protection and stain resistance.

 Wagga Wagga after breathable limestone sealer

Choose a breathable deep penetrating limestone sealer

Australia's produce non-solvent sealers that are easy to apply, using a brush, roller or sprayer and will dry within a few hours. These penetrating, impregnating limestone sealers are available in a dry, invisible finish or in a slightly wet, colour enhancing effect.

is a premium penetrating sealer that you can use both for interior and exterior limestone tiles. This product penetrates deep in the stone, creating an invisible barrier against water and oil based stains. At the same time, it allows any built up vapour to escape. is well known because of its special molecular structure, which makes this sealer more resistant than other products.

Choosing a sealer Topical Sealers (film Forming)?
  • Tend to abrade easily, leading to obvious areas of scuffing or wear
  • Will need to be re-applied quite regularly
  • Can build-up over time to impart a varnish-like appearance
  • Lower quality coatings tend to turn yellow when exposed to UV light (sunlight)
  • Trap moisture in the substrate itself, leading to problems with efflorescence or damage
 Wagga Wagga  Limestone Topical sealers Penetrating (Breathable)

Impregnating penetrating sealants actually penetrate into the limestone substrate, soaking into the microscopic pin-holes and open fissures which make up its natural texture. A clear impregnating sealer won't change the look or feel of your sealed limestone, won't affect the stone's ability to release vapour and will last much longer than film forming sealers.

  • Longer lifetime as the protection is contained within the substrate, and not simply on the surface
  • Not affected by UV light
  • Allows the stone to 'breathe', retained moisture can escape
  • Surface does not become slippery
 Wagga Wagga bathroom Limestone Matt White Floor Tile

How can I get my limestone sealed?

Choose an experienced company with specialised equipment and expertise to correctly seal and maintain your limestone once installed.

It is important to keep your sealed limestone clean, wipe up spills quickly and clean periodically.

Professional cleaning will not only remove surface dirt but draws out dirt deep embedded within the pores of limestone.

Get in contact with a professional stone floor maintenance company with the equipment and knowledge to ensure you're valuable surfaces look just how you want them.

Tile Cleaners Australia and StoneMaster are members of the network of independent Accredited Applicators who have been fully trained in the proper application of limestone care products, offering a full service by thoroughly cleaning the limestone area to be treated, product application and providing after sales care.

  • Tile Cleaners Australia is Australia's leading tile care provider for all tile & grout cleaning, tile sealing, tile stripping & sealing, tile regrouting, grout colour sealing, and minor tile repairs. If you require any limestone cleaning, sealing, restoration or have any questions regarding your limestone their friendly customer service are very helpful.
  • StoneMaster provide a diagnostic approach to each unique situation, including a full analysis, selection of the best-required method of restoration and follow up maintenance procedures always ensuring outstanding results.

Ensuring your limestone is thoroughly cleaned before sealing is important as you may seal in old stains or dust and debris embedded in the stone, resulting in the sealer needing to be stripped and resealed.

Applying a sealer that is not suitable, or of sufficient quality will result in limestone surfaces you aren't completely satisfied with.

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